Monkey Vs. Robot, Man Vs. Machine

Monkey Vs. Robot, Man Vs. Machine is a double EP with the first half comprised of instrumental pieces. The second half, following the intermission, is a hip hop excursion that is not quite experimental, yet not quite standard. Released in 2006, my music was still work in progress at the time, but interesting soundtrackish instrumental pieces and heartfelt lyrics provide enticement for giving this one a chance. Released commercially, the album can be found at Itunes, Amazon, and many other online digital retailers. If you want a physical copy, email me, and we'll work something out (cheap!).

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Monkey Vs. Robot
01) Utoh (intro)
02) Slowbounce
03) Funky Engine
04) Missed
05) Olay
06) LuvUndrThBridg
07) Runnin
08) The Intermission
Man Vs. Machine
09) Like It Is (intro)
10) Chim Chim Charoo
11) One Man
12) Let You Know (Rest For The Weary)
13) Sunshine Lemonade
14) Running Hard
15) Solitary Confinement
16) Rock The Spot (Yi Yi Yi)